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Message about Covid-19

Our Uniseal lines of supply have been disrupted due to the current pandemic and things are going a little slower especially shipping from the USA which is taking at least six weeks. Flexseals from the UK are also now in short supply. We have run out of some stock sizes (which will not show a payment link on the pages when depleted) and others are getting lower but they are all on back order directly with the manufacturers who are also having supply difficulties with raw materials. If you wish us to reserve some and let you know when stocks arrive then please contact us via email. We are expecting three deliveries within the next month.

Uniseals U150 (1 1/4 inch) are out of stock.
Uniseals U275 (2 3/4 inch) are running short and only 15 are left in stock.

Flexseal PE50 Elbow
Flexseal PE90 Elbow
Flexseal PT118 Tee
are all currently out stock and on back order.

Questions and Answers about Uniseals.
If you have a question about Uniseals and their use contact me HERE I will add it into the Uniseal FAQ's. I am also interested to hear of how our customers have used Uniseals and could add some photos to the site.


I found a hole saw set on eBay that came from China will that be any good to make my holes for my Uniseals?

An inexpensive hole saw should be OK to create your holes in plastic or plywood. Creating a decent hole in aluminium or mild steel would probably be impossible. The main criteria in creating your hole is that it is a good clean hole with no swarf. A really cheap hole saw may do the job just fine as long as the teeth on the holesaw remain sharp. On a cost per hole basis this would really keep the price down. There is every likelihood that you will not be able to cut dozens of holes though. Please remember when using a holesaw not to run the saw too quickly, the slower the better.


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Our latest additions 6 inch Uniseals, both sizes i.e. Uniseals U600 and Uniseals U600 SDR-35, are now part of our stock holding. We only have a small number in stock so drop us an email or give us a call if you require some.

We have just launched our Flexseal EPDM Plumbing Range pipe connector products. We are stocking the complete Flexseal plumbing range. We also have an advert on eBay selling the product. Checkout the menu on the left of the page.

Call 07484 171458 for prices.

Uniseal Applications
Uniseal Shop
Uniseal Shop
Uniseal Installation
Uniseal Hole size chart
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