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Welcome to The Uniseal Shop

The Uniseal Shop has been created to help our customers purchase Uniseals in the UK and Europe. We have been selling Uniseals from another web site and through eBay and Amazon for around a year now and decided to invest in our own Uniseal Shop web site.

Here you will find and be able to buy all of the sizes of Uniseals we have available for sale in both the United Kingdom and Europe in  the major currencies of both areas. You can purchase from this site with the confidence that we are the same company selling on both eBay and Amazon throughout Europe. But if you don't have that confidence then you can purchase our Uniseals from Ebay and Uniseals from Amazon which has a number of safeguards for you the shopper which of course ultimately makes items on both slightly more expensive.

We are the only major UK and EU sales outlet for Original Uniseals which are manufactured in the United States. We purchase and import our Uniseals direct from the manufacturer in the U.S. and all taxes import duties etc. are paid. And in case you are wondering - no at this time it is not a viable business on a stand alone basis, however we have bought into the idea of Uniseals and are evangelising the product throughout Europe so maybe one day it will be a viable stand alone business. Until then we will keep doing what we are doing on a part time basis.

Yep, this is a web site designed with simplicity in mind and we will add more "stuff" as we go along. We are still working on it somewhat so if you find something that does not work for you I would really appreciate you letting me know.

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4 inch Uniseal in situ 3 inch Uniseal in situ 3 inch Uniseal in situ 2 Pipe Uniseal Testpiece
Uniseal inserted Inserting 3/4 pipe into Uniseal in situ Inserting 3/4 pipe into Uniseal in situ Pipe inserted in situ
Uniseal installation complete Uniseal installation completed Uniseal pipe chamfered edge Uniseal Five Seals logo

Amazon Uniseal Images

We just received a new consignment of Uniseals including the U400-SDR35 which is for 110mm drainage pipe (the orange stuff - other colours are available). Will go on the web site and ebay in the next few days. We've literally got thousands of Uniseals.

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Uniseal Applications
Uniseal Shop
Uniseal Shop
Uniseal Installation
Uniseal Hole size chart
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